A visual is worth a thousand data

The computing world has become visual…

…why should finance lag behind?

How hard is it?

Are you :


Asset Manager

Everything under control ?


Risk Manager

Convincing ?


Fund admin

Go the extra mile for your client ?



Implementing the right decision ?



Do you have the right argument ?



From complexity to impact ?

Efficiently understand, decide, convince for the strongest impact.
Do you have the right tools ?

Without the right tools, will you reach your goals ?

Reveal the inherent energy of your data with Visual-qi

Visual-qi is a 3D visualisation tool that supports you and your internal and external clients to make the right decisions fast and stay ahead of the curve. It allows the user to immediately understand the key information by providing a simple view of abstract and complex data.

  • Quick 3D overview replacing many 2D charts
  • Cognitive understanding
  • See market shock impacts
  • Easily interpret and communicate complex data
  • Visual, spatial, dynamic
  • Stock picking
  • Video reporting

Watch another video reporting

Introducing the Holographic Portfolio

To be closest to our natural perception, this tool is also implemented in Augmented Reality using the Microsoft Hololens. Check out the videos below

One tool,
many benefits serving many stakeholders

  • Fund admin
    Winning and keeping clients by making them future proof
  • Management
    I make my business stand out and flurish
  • Investment manager
    My fund is best in class, thanks to sound decisions
  • Risk manager
    My objective view cannot be ignored. I am an highly respected advisor
  • Back office
    Now we can do video reporting!

Who we are


Nils Huebner

Based on a career in finance and selling financial software to leading organisation Nils understands the importance of storytelling and good visuals to get complex or abstract subjects across. Having been blown away by the power of Mixed reality Nils has decided to use this technology to do just that: make complex or abstract content understood easily, naturally and with fun – ARdictive was born.


Nitin Dhemre

Having worked in various industries like television, advertising, high tech, and financial services across many countries, Nitin has wide experiences in content, marketing and business. Being an avid science fiction fan, Nitin quickly grasped the potential of mixed reality and joined Nils on the ARdictive adventure.

Our partners

ARdictive announces a partnership for data visualisation of financial analysis data using ARdictive’s Visual-qi solution. Visual-qi helps to gain a swift insight and understanding of complex and multidimensional data thanks to their visualisation in 3D space. Therby allowing faster and better decisions.